Sunday, August 10, 2008

Turning Cloudy and Wet This Week

I know many of you have asked me 'Is there more rain in sight?' Fortunately, there is and we could be getting a good soaking rain in parts of East Texas over the next couple of days.

This image shows the 48 hour rainfall accumulations across Texas and the Southern Plains region. This goes from Sunday evening through Tuesday evening. Keep in mind that this is just a model indicating the potential rainfall we could see across Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Notice that 3-5 inches is quite common in Arkansas with several areas seeing 1-2 inches through the forecast period. For us, I think we will be on the leading edge of possibly picking up an inch or more of rainfall through Tuesday.

The threat for heavy rain is due to a slow moving cool front that will slowly take its time in advancing southward through the forecast region. Due to its slow movement, that will allow mutliple rounds of heavy rain to develop across north and northeast Texas. This batch of heavy rain will then slowly makes its way into our northern counties and then should begin to overspread much of our viewing area by late Monday and Tuesday.

With the added cloud cover and rain around, these are the forecast high temperatures around the state for Monday. Notice that areas such as Dallas and Shreveport will only reach the upper 80's, rather than the triple digits they have been accustomed to seeing over the past couple of weeks. We should see low 90's with upper 80's in our northern counties. Hopefully, everyone can cash in on some rain and get their lawns and gardens all hydrated once again.
This rainfall would also be good for the Burn Bans we currently have in effect for Nacogdoches, Houston, Trinity, and Sabine counties. Perhaps if these counties can get some good soaking rains, they may be lifted. At this point, we will have to wait and see how things play out.