Tuesday, August 5, 2008

10am Advisory on Edouard

Tropical Storm Edouard is now over land with the center of circulation located about 40 miles west of Port Arthur,TX and 45 miles northeast of Galveston Island. As a result of Edouard making landfall further up the coast, it spared Galveston and many coastal residents down the coast.

As of the 10am advisory, Edouard is still at tropical storm with winds at 60mph. It will continue to weaken throughout the day as the fricition of the land will deprive it from its heat energy source.

This is what Edouard looks like on our Live Doppler 9 Network this morning. You can tell by the cyclonic curvature of the radar where he is centered. However, due to it being asymetrical and rather erratic, it did not have a very definitive eye like we see with many tropical storms and hurricanes.

So far, we have seen some outer rain bands affect Polk, Tyler, Jasper, and Newton counties. It is in these areas where we will pick up the most rain.

At this point, areas along a line from Crockett to Lufkin to San Augustine may see some light to moderate rain as some outer rain bands try to work their way a little farther north. With that said, rainfall accumulations should remain on the light side.