Monday, August 4, 2008

Edouard Maintaining Current Strength

With the 10am advisory this morning, Tropical Storm Edouard has not changed much in its overall strength. However, current satellite imagery shows that the system has been getting better organized as showers and storms have been on the increase. This increase in convection around the center of circulation indicates that the storm may be trying to get its act together and could be strengthening as we speak.

With each advisory comes a new forecast track as computer models initialize the current data. From the image to your left, you can see the forecast track remains fairly unchanged from where it was last night.

In terms of watches/warnings/advisories, we have a Hurricane Watch that stretches from Port O'Connor, Texas, all the way eastward into Intracoastal, Louisiana. We also have Tropical Storm Warnings in effect for several coastal counties as well.

The next complete advisory to come down on Edouard will be at 4pm this afternoon. I will have another update for you at that time as new information comes in. Feel free to check back in for updates throughout the day.