Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay Update

We continue tracking Tropical Storm Fay, who is dumping lots of rain on the state of Florida. Rainfall totals have exceeded a foot in many locations and Fay is no where close to being done. From the afternoon's advisory, Fay is moving north at a very slow pace of 2 mph. The center of the storm is hugging the east coast of Florida, so strengthening is not anticipated. Eventually an area of high pressure to the north of the system will drive Fay back west across northern Florida and into the southeast. There is a very small chance that Fay could emerge over the Gulf of Mexico, which could allow her to gain some power. Otherwise, she will be a big rain maker for places that would not mind seeing the rain. However, too much rain will lead to flooding problems.

Fay's impact on East Texas will be very minimal. Our surface winds will switch to the north as what is left of her moves closer and we may see a few isolated storms, but that is it. We are about to hit the peak of hurricane season so you know the next storm is on the horizon.