Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hello Fay?

There is an area of low pressure that is moving through Puerto Rico Thursday evening. Hurricane hunters were in the storm all afternoon but could never find a close, low level circulation. So the storm has not been named just yet. However, I bet this will happen on Friday. The next name on the list is Fay. The computer models generally agree that if Fay develops, she will head into the Bahamas over the weekend and turn northward, near the east coast of Florida.

I have been watching this storm all week and every time it looks like it will blow up, it doesn't. One factor has been the dry air that keeps getting pulled into the circulation. That can keep thunderstorms from developing. Another factor over the next few days will be the high terrain of Haiti and eastern Cuba. If she is too close to, the mountains will tear her apart. There is still a lot of uncertainty so you will want to stay tuned for the latest. As for the soon to be Fay heading towards Texas? Not going to happen. This will be a Florida/East coast storm.