Thursday, August 28, 2008

Then there was two...

Welcome to the peak of hurricane season! To the left, we have tropical storm Gustav, soon to be back to hurricane strength. To the right, that is newly formed depression #8, soon to be tropical storm Hanna. No relation to the singer! This new storm is located north of the Lesser Antilles and is forecasted to become a hurricane in 3 days. Then it will turn westward and could impact Florida sometime next week. Since Gustav is more of the immediate threat, we will focus more on him.
As of early Thursday morning, Gustav appears to be close to hurricane status again. From my post last night, I talked about the southward jog the storm made. He continues southwest this morning but will gradually start bending back to the northwest late Friday or Saturday. I still think Gustav makes it into central Gulf of Mexico by Sunday as a category 3 hurricane. Since Gustav went farther south than the models thought, the computer models are shifting all over the place today. The afternoon model runs will probably be key to how far west Gustav will go. My best guess is a Tuesday landfall, somewhere between Houston and New Orleans. Still a lot of uncertainty so you will want to stay tuned. As soon as the afternoon models come out, I will post more.