Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Take it for what it's worth...

You are looking at the Wednesday afternoon, GFS computer model run with pressure and rain contours, for Tuesday, August 26th. Basically, we are looking 2 weeks into the future. Can you pick out the weather feature that made me almost spit out my diet coke? It is the monster hurricane in the western Gulf of Mexico! Since this is 14 days away, I do not believe this will actually happen. So why am I showing you this? Well, late August into September is the peak of hurricane season. The time of year we see very intense hurricanes in the tropics. Since the computer models are hinting at development and showing hurricanes like this one so far out in the future, I do believe the next big storm is only weeks away. There is no way to tell if, when, and where this could happen but I want you to keep this in the back of your mind. We have to be prepared for whatever mother nature throws our way.