Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gustav down to a Tropical Storm

After making one landfall on Haiti, Gustav has not really moved in the past 24 hours. The interaction with land has weakened the storm below hurricane status. However, it is beginning to push westward now and as the center of circulation pulls away from land, the forecast calls for Gustav to return to a hurricane. Another thing that has not changed much since yesterday is the track. Most computer models agree on taking Gustav just south of Cuba, then bending northwest into the Gulf of Mexico over the weekend. After that, the forecast becomes murky. On the graphic to your left, I want you to focus on the cone of uncertainty, not the black line. This means Gustav could be from the upper Texas coast all the way to the west coast of Florida. We just don't know yet. The models have a tendency to shift back and forth so we really won't have a good idea on where Gustav will go until Friday and over the weekend. The bottom line is you need to stay updated on the storm, but do not panic or worry. Still a lot of time to watch Gustav.