Friday, August 29, 2008

Tracking Gustav

Gustav is now pulling away from the island of Jamaica and is getting ready to put on a show. What do I mean? Gustav is entering an environment that could lead to rapid intensification. He is a strong tropical storm right now but could become a category 2 hurricane later tonight. The storm looks rather impressive already on satellite. As for the path, it has not changed much. The hurricane center still calls for a possible landfall early Tuesday, west of New Orleans. Even the big easy might not take a direct hit, it could still cause lots of damage because the east of hurricane is referred to as the dirty side. Why? That is the side that tends to have the strongest winds, storm surge, and tornadoes.

One thing that I have been thinking about is the angle the storm will come in at. It looks like the center of the storm could cross into East Texas by Wednesday. Of course, by then, the storm should only be a depression but heavy rain, tornadoes, and some winds up to 40 mph may still occur. That is why I encourage to get prepared. Have supplies ready to go and a plan of action. Once again, there is still a lot of uncertainty so you need to stay up to date on the storm.