Monday, August 18, 2008

Fay Throwing Us for a Loop?

Tropical Storm Fay continues bring wind and rain to parts of south Florida. It looks like Fay will not be able to strengthen into a hurricane before pushing ashore on the southwest coast. However, we may not be done talking about Fay anytime soon! The image to your left shows the different computer models and their forecast for Fay. Look at what happens when the storm moves into north Florida. There is an upper level high that is expected to build in to the north of the system. This would force Fay to the west and possibly into the Gulf of Mexico. This is something the models started showing today, with more and more coming on board with this solution. Do not worry, we are still safe. The upper low that is bringing us rain should help turn Fay northward eventually. The question will be when.

Elsewhere in the tropics, there is one wave in the middle of the Atlantic that has shown the potential for development. This feature should be near the Lesser Antilles by weeks end so we will have to watch for our next storm soon.