Monday, August 4, 2008

Edouard Strengthens as Wind Speeds Now 60 mph

The 10pm advisory indicates that Edouard has increased in intensity as winds have gone from 45mph to 60 mph. That still keeps it as a tropical storm, but it makes it a strong tropical storm.

Keep in mind for him to become a hurricane, the maximum sustained winds must reach 74 mph.
The increase in strength comes as no surprise considering it has looked better organized in the last few hours. The northern and northwestern side of the circulation has seen an increase in convection, leading to a more defined circulation.

Another interesting feature to note is the projected path as indicated by all the different computer models. Most of them have Galveston Island as their main target for landfall Tuesday. However, tonight, some of the models have shifted Edouard's track farther up the Texas coast.