Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Tropical Train!

As I mentioned in my last post, there are several other tropical systems in the Atlantic that we are tracking. First is Hanna, which could become a category one hurricane and strike either Florida, Georgia, or South Carolina. Right now, it seems the forecast has South Carolina taking a hit from Hanna. Second, is Tropical Storm Ike. This storm is small in size but do not let that fool you. The forecast calls for Ike to become a category 2 hurricane over the weekend and head into the Bahamas and Cuba. Ike is something I am worried about because the weather pattern might shove him into the Gulf of Mexico next week. It is way too early to predict if we will have an impact from Ike. You will want to stay tuned! Finally, we have Tropical Storm Josephine that developed off of Africa. This storm is way, way out there and we will have lots of time to watch her. The forecast keeps Josephine as a tropical storm as she crosses the Atlantic. No telling where she will go from there. I have said it many time, and I will say it again. Welcome to the peak of hurricane season!