Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Photos From Ike Damage

Here are some more photos of damage reports sent in from our viewers through our "See It, Snap It, Send It" section at

This first photo illustrates a tree missing a house as it fell down away from their house in a westerly direction. Keep in mind the winds around Ike were blowing from east to west. Therefore, their house just missed it as they were situated in the right direction, just to the east of the tree. I guess you could say this resident sure was lucky.

Not only did trees fall on houses and streets, but also got cars as well. This vehicle's front windshield was completely destroyed as this tree toppled right on top of it.

This picture was a common site among many East Texans as many large trees were completely uprooted and toppled to the ground. In many cases, they would litter the roadways, making travel very difficult for many people this afternoon.
Remember that if you have any photos you'd like to share with us, you can do so by going to our "See It, Snap It, Send It" section at We will try to add more to our Weather Blog and may even show some of yours on our newscasts over the next few days.