Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday 10 PM Advisory on Ike

Ike is the storm that will never give up. After being disrupted by Cuba, not three hours after coming into the Gulf of Mexico, Ike has a new eye wall! It is small right now but it will grow in time. This tells me that Ike is about to explode as it enters the central Gulf of Mexico. The conditions are too ideal for this thing not to gain strength. As for the latest forecast, it still calls for a possible landfall near Corpus Christi, late Friday night. I want to wait and see what the morning computer models show because they may shift again. The National Weather Service flew their upper level jet to gain valuable information of what is steering Ike. This data will go into the models and this should help narrow down what part of the Texas coast will see landfall. Don't count out a Houston/Galveston hit just yet. Of course, that would be worse for us here in Lufkin/Nacogdoches. We hope to have a better idea Wednesday morning so I will try to post then. Do not take your eyes off this hurricane!