Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Models Shift....Again!

As we saw yesterday, the computer models for Ike shifted south, closer to Brownsville and Corpus. As of Tuesday afternoon, the models shifted again, this time farther north towards the middle Texas coast. They are also showing a bend towards the north, and this is in response to a cold front diving through the Plains by the end of the week. This shows us two things. One, the uncertainty remains high since the models are just now showing this. We need to wait 24 hours before we completely bite on this. Two, here in East Texas, we still need to be prepared. This would put us closer to the storm and even though the center may stay southwest of us, we will see some kind of impact from the storm. We should know more Wednesday afternoon as Ike heads into the central Gulf of Mexico. I will have more on Ike later tonight. Stay tuned!