Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tropical Activity

Hurricane season usually does not pick up until August, September, and October. However, we always have to keep our eyes on the tropics from June through November. Most hurricanes are born from tropical waves that come of the west coast of Africa. This afternoon, there is a very strong wave that has the potential to become a tropical storm in the coming days. If that happens, it will be given the name Bertha. What is unusual about this feature is that we normally do not see hurricanes form this far out in the Atlantic until we get further into the season.

So where will this storm go? The good news is most of the computer models show a gradual turn northward into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, far away from land. However, we will keep tracking this wave and you can to by heading over to our Live Doppler 9 Hurricane Center. Anytime hurricanes threaten, it is a great tool to track the storms and get life saving information.