Monday, July 21, 2008

Dolly Update 9:20 AM

Tropical Storm Dolly has crossed the Yucatan this morning and is showing signs of beginning to gain strength. The biggest problem with the storm is that the center of circulation is poorly defined and could be forming farther north than expected. Once this circulation becomes established, Dolly should organize quickly. More than likely, she will become a category one hurricane by Tuesday.

The big question is where does Dolly make landfall? Current forecasts show a possible landfall near Brownsville late Wednesday night. However, the spread between all the computer models show possible hits from Corpus Christi to the northern border of Mexico. So the uncertainty is high on where she could go. How does that effect us here in East Texas? Well, if the storm hit closer to Corpus, we would be closer to the storm and a have a better chance of getting some rain. If she hits south of Brownsville, we might not see any rain and stay hot. So our forecast this week hinges a lot on what Dolly does. I plan to have multiple updates here in the blog so check back often. Also, feel free to leave your comments below by clicking the comments link.