Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dolly Soon to Become a Hurricane

Early this afternoon, Dolly is on the verge of becoming a category one hurricane. The winds with the latest advisory are up to 70 mph. To be classifies as a hurricane, the winds have to be 74 mph or higher so she is really close. The satellite imagery of the storm looks very good. She has good outflow, a symmetrical shape, and the hint of an eye wall trying to form. My guess is that Dolly will be a hurricane by the 4 PM advisory later today.

Dolly is slowing down some, which all the computer models had been forecasting. Movement is to the northwest at 12 mph, but will more than likely slow to under 10 mph this evening. Landfall is still expected somewhere near Brownsville on Wednesday morning. However, that could change if the storms takes a jog north or slows down even more. The worse part of a hurricane is the northeast quadrant so even with the center of the storm near Brownsville, the winds and storm surge will go all the way north to Corpus Christi.