Sunday, July 13, 2008

Little Relief on the Way

It has been a very hot, July weekend across East Texas as temperatures flirted with the triple digit mark. There is some temporary relief on the way as a July cool front will bring in some clouds and rain showers. That should help cool things off just a bit.

Tonight, we are watching a broken line of storms move into Anderson, Cherokee, and Nacogdoches counties. The stronger storms are located in northwestern Nacogdoches county around the Trawick, Looneyville, and Cushing communities. Most of these storms will tend to weaken as they move into a more stable environment; however, those of you that do get wet tonight could see anywhere from a quarter to one half inch of rain.

If you don't see any rain tonight, don't worry, because we have another chance coming up on Monday.

The chance of rain on Monday will be due to a July cool front inching its way into East Texas. It is this front which has triggered the storms to our north today. With the cool front draped across the area tomorrow, we should see scattered showers and storms develop across the Piney Woods. We get a double bonus as we not only get the rain, but also cooler temperatures. Don't get used to it, though, because we will be heating up by mid-week.