Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Winter Storm: This Time, A Different Twist

Another surge of Arctic air will invade East Texas on Wednesday, keeping temperatures well below normal and putting wind chill values back in the teens.

While the noticeable dip in our temperatures will be comparable to last week's winter storm, this one will be different for us in one sense: no ice or snow accumulations will be likely this time around.

This is the snow forecast for the state of Texas when the storm moves through on Tuesday night and Wednesday.

For our friends and family in North Texas, Northeast Texas, and Oklahoma, it looks like they will be enduring another 3-8" of snow, with the highest amounts in Oklahoma and extreme North Texas.

We do believe areas as far south as Tyler and Longview will see 2-4" of snow once again, with overall totals tapering off significantly as you head into Lufkin and Nacogdoches.

While most of us may not see snow, we won't avoid the precipitation all together. In fact, we are looking at a cold rain to develop on Wednesday morning over Deep East Texas. This cold rain may mix with sleet, but most of it will be in liquid form as the front moves through.

Our high temperatures on Wednesday will be early in the day, before the cold front blasts through. We will start off near 40°, and then fall throughout the course of the afternoon.

This frigid airmass will then lead to a couple of nights of hard freezes as we head towards the end of the week.

If anything should change with our winter storm, you will get it here first. As always, you can get a detailed forecast and view your webcast by going to our weather page.