Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Cold Rain, Sleet, and Snow all Possible

As we get one day closer to the arrival of our approaching winter storm, there have been some tweaks to our current thinking regarding precipitation type and amount.

I have color coded the map so that it is very easy for you to see what you can expect where you live on Wednesday.
Our southern counties and communities (green shading) can mainly expect just a cold rain with temperatures in the middle to upper 30's. A brief change over to sleet is possible in these areas, but not probable.
Our central counties and communities (blue shading) can expect the precipitation to start out as a cold rain in the morning. As we head towards lunch time and the afternoon hours, that rain could mix with sleet at times. A complete transition to snow is possible by the afternoon, but accumulations will generally be less than an inch. It should also be noted that the ground temperatures will be fairly warm, so any snow that does fall will not stick to the grassy and road surfaces.
Finally, our far northern counties and communities (pink shading) can expect early morning rain to quickly change over to sleet and then eventually snow. With the temperature profile aloft becoming very cold, the snowfall amounts will be higher with general totals ranging from 2-4". With temperatures at the surface expected to dip below freezing in these areas on Wednesday afternoon, the snow that does fall will have a chance to accumulate and stick to roads and other vegetation.
Needless to say, if you are traveling north towards Tyler, Longview, and/or Shreveport, get ready for a wintry mess in these locations.
The farther south you travel, the less likely you will be impacted by winter weather (outside of the cold of course).
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