Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Warm and Windy Means Storms Easter Weekend

It has been unseasonably warm, not only in East Texas, but a good majority of the Central Plains as well.

These were the high temperatures reported on Tuesday. While it may not be surprising to see San Antonio and Dallas hit 80°, it is hard to believe that cities such as Bismark, ND, and Minneapolis, MN topped out in the middle 70's.

A large ridge of high pressure is dominating the Plains, allowing the warm temperatures to stream northward all the way up to the Canadian border. It is also keeping major storm systems well away from us and keeping us dry.

This weather pattern won't last, however. By Friday afternoon, the ridge of high pressure will slide off to the east, giving way to a very strong trough of low pressure to move into the Southern Plains.

This next storm system will spark off a complex of showers and thunderstorms in Central Texas late Friday afternoon. It is this complex of storms which will roll into the Texas Forest Country by Friday night.

Based on the timing of this next storm, it should move out by Saturday afternoon, giving way to sunshine and warm weather for Easter Sunday.