Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Drought in Tornadoes

In a report just released by NOAA, no tornadoes were reported in the entire month of February 2010. This is not just for the state of Texas, but the entire United States.

This is unprecedented, as we typically see more tornadoes in this time period, especially during an El Nino type of season like we are currently in.

It should be noted that the lack of tornadoes touching down in February will have no bearing on what the next few months will hold for the lower 48 in regards to the number and frequency of tornadoes. Past history has shown that if we go through a quiet month, sometimes the following months will be just as quiet or more active than normal. There is just no way to tell what this month or the rest of the subsequent months will bring in regards to the amount of Twisters we may see.

Nevertheless, it is interesting that in an El Nino season, which brings in more storms, there was not one single confirmed touchdown anywhere in the United States.