Friday, March 19, 2010

Ringing in Spring with a Winter Storm

Old Man Winter is not quite done with East Texas, even though spring officially arrives at 12:32pm on Saturday afternoon. We will see all angles from this winter storm as it moves in on Saturday afternoon.

As you can see to the left, our Microcast computer model suggests that the leading edge of the strong cold front will be moving into the area around 3pm. It could come an hour or two earlier or perhaps a little later, just depending upon the track and speed of our low pressure system.

Notice that as the front moves in, we will see a good chance for showers and thunderstorms. While we don't anticipate much in the way of severe weather, any storms along the front could contain frequent lightning, heavy rainfall, and gusty winds.

Once the rain and thunder move out by Saturday evening, it will be the surge of cold air that will certainly get your attention soon thereafter. The image to your left is from our Adonis computer model. It shows what the temperatures will be like at 5pm on Sunday afternoon. Notice how the temperatures in Deep East Texas will be in the upper 40's. This will be about 25 degrees below normal for where we should be in mid-March. To add insult to injury, these cold temperatures will feel even colder when you factor in a very stiff northwest wind at 15 to 20 mph.
On Sunday morning, temperatures will start out in the middle 30's and Monday morning could be even colder, as lows dip down to near freezing.
Needless to say, while we may be entering the spring season, Old Man Winter may have one or two more stands left in him before the freezing temperatures are gone for good.