Thursday, January 13, 2011

Week of Freezing Temperatures Nearly Over

After being in the deep freeze all week long, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. While it may not be all that bright, it will turn on, nonetheless, and allow for a very slow warm-up.

We will see our last night of twenty degree temperatures tonight, but it won't be as cold as this morning.

The main reason we will be a little warmer tonight is due to the shield of clouds which have overspread East Texas this afternoon.

At night, the clouds act as a blanket, trapping in any heat we have at the surface. Just think about when you snuggle up under a comforter at night. The reason it keeps you warm is because it traps y0ur body heat. The clouds act the very same way when it comes to how cold temperatures drop overnight. This time, it will help us out by a few degrees.

Instead of falling into the lower 20's, we will only fall into the upper 20's, about 3-5 degrees warmer thanks to the cloud cover.
It will still be cold enough that you will want to bring the pets inside, keep the plants covered, and make sure your neighboors have a warm place to stay.
The good news is after tonight, our low temperatures will fall into the lower 30's on Saturday morning, and will be near 40 by Sunday morning.
Our high temperatures will slowly moderate as well this weekend, but not enough to warrant a return to t-shirts and shorts.