Friday, January 14, 2011

Keep The Umbrellas Handy This Weekend

As we start to thaw out from the winter cold, temperatures will start to moderate this weekend, getting us back to where we should be for mid-January.

With the "not as cold" air in place, moisture will start to return to East Texas this weekend. This will keep the thicker clouds in place, and not allow any sunshine to peak through.

While we will start off the weekend on a dry note, it will end far different.

An upper level disturbance (18,000 ft.) will move through the state late Saturday through the day on Sunday. This disturbance will bring us a good chance for some rain showers, especially on Sunday. The image to your left is our in house Microcast computer model. It shows widespread light to moderate showers moving through on Sunday. While we won't see heavy thunderstorms, some of the rain could be heavy at times.

With a severe to extreme drought still in place for all of East Texas, this batch of moisture is exactly what the doctor ordered. Even though the rainfall will be distrubuted throughout the day, it will be a nice, soaking rain. Those are the best kind to get in order to moisten up the soils and vegetation.

In terms of rainfall potential, the graphic on the left shows one half to one inch of rain is likely to fall where you live this weekend. Some areas could even get more than that, depending upon where the heavier rain bands set up.

Remember that you can view our Storm Tracker Live Doppler Network streaming live on our weather page this weekend. It would be wise to check it frequently, so you won't be caught off guard.