Monday, January 24, 2011

A Monday Soaker

Today's soaking rain showers looked all too familiar. After all, it was a week and one day ago where we saw 2-3" fall on several neighborhoods across East Texas. The rain we saw 8 days ago was the same kind of rain we saw today: a slow, steady downpour, allowing the moisture to really soak into the ground soils.

We still have a persistent, steady rain ongoing tonight, all thanks to a surface low along the Gulf coast. Due to our close proximity and an upper level low in North Texas, there is plenty of lift in the atmosphere to give us this much needed rainfall.

Look for the rain to continue overnight, before tapering off by Tuesday morning. As the low pressure center pushes eastward, all the rain and moisture will soon follow.
We may not see much sun Tuesday, but the rain should be gone by late morning. Sunshine will return by mid-week, along with some cooler temperatures.
As promised, here are the rainfall totals from our weather watchers in East Texas. Keep in mind that these were called in around 9:30pm this evening. Some of these totals will be a little low when it is all said and done as another 0.10" to 0.25" is possible overnight.