Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Damage Report

The storms from this afternoon did cause some damage across the area. We had a wind report of 60 mph in Lufkin that blew down several trees. However, overall reports were limited so it could of been worse. Summer storms like these have the tendency to be pulse severe. In other words, they briefly produce severe weather then quickly weaken. There was a lot of energy in the atmosphere today so it was no surprise these storms erupted. I expect another round tomorrow afternoon, but the storms will probably be more isolated.
The good news from the storms is the rain we saw. For the year, we were about 2 inches below normal. Today's rain has helped! Our weather watchers had some nice totals as well. I have a neighbor who is a gardener and asked if he could get some rain on Wednesday for his garden. I am glad I could help! If you want more rain, keep your fingers crossed that you see it Thursday or Friday.