Sunday, June 29, 2008

An Active Sunday Afternoon

The past couple of days, we have been telling you about how active things may be on Sunday as an unusual June cool front dipped into Texas. Sure enough, we saw a couple rounds of storms rumble through the Piney Woods, dumping heavy rainfall, containing gusty winds, and producing lots of cloud-to-ground lightning strikes. The first round came through Angelina county and affected the communities of Hudson, Lufkin, and Huntington. That complex then rolled eastward towards Woodville and extended towards Jasper and Newton.

Behind that complex of storms was another that fired up just after 5pm local time. This was an image captured by our very own Live Doppler 9 Network showing you a storm that prompted a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for southern Cherokee county.

The polygon area highlighted in yellow was the area most affected by the storm.

This storm continued its trek towards the east and as it did, we were monitoring it closely.

One of the unique features we have to analyze a storm is a feature we call "XVISION." This allows us to slice into the storm and look at it in a 3-dimensional mode. What this image shows is what the storm looked like entering Nacogdoches county. It showed a very intense storm, with storm heights around 30-40,000 feet.

Anytime storms build that high in the atmosphere, that tells us a couple of things. It first signals very strong vertical motion. But secondly, and more importantly, it tells us that there could be a hail core in which hailstones could have been falling from the storm. Fortunately, no one had reports of hail with this particular storm.

Remember, if you ever see hail falling from the sky or have gusty winds that do some damage, we encourage you to send us an email at This allows our meteorologists to better know what's happening and allows them to relay your message to the public so that they can be properly warned.

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