Friday, July 22, 2011

If You Think It's Hot Here...

While it has been a scorcher so far this summer in East Texas, other parts of the country are stuck in the July Fry as well.

Check out the high temperatures felt across the nation today. It's not surprising to see triple digit heat in the southern half of the United States, but it is uncommon to see the triple digits expand as far north as the Canadian border. The exception and not the rule occurred today for most of the central and eastern half of the country.

The heat was so extreme on Friday, that some all time records were set in the Northeast United States.

Record Extremes

Newark, New Jersey: A high of 108°, which makes it the hottest temperature of all time.

Dulles International Airport in Virginia: The high of 105° was an all time record high at the airport.

Central Park, New York: The high of 104° was the 2nd hottest day on record.

Boston, Massachusetts: The high of 103° made it the 2nd hottest day of all time and the hottest day they have experienced in 85 years.

If you know of anyone from here in Deep East Texas visiting friends or family in the Northeast right now, give them a call and ask them how they are enjoying the cooler weather up north? I'm sure they will give you a loud and unhappy response.