Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Travelcast

If you are planning on traveling to see friends and family this Thanksgiving week, you will want to stay alert and be prepared for what the weather will be like wherever your destination may take you.Even though we are a few days out, this map above outlines what you can expect across the United States, both with temperatures and precipitation.

If you are headed to the Rockies, Northwest U.S., or the Northern Plain states, make sure you have your winter wardrobe in your travel bag. All of these areas in the dark blue can expect frigid conditions, with even some parts of the Northern Plains seeing some white stuff fall from the sky as well.

The green on the map, which stretches from us in East Texas all the way up through the Mississippi River Valley and into the Northeast U.S., can anticipate some scattered rain showers throughout the course of the day. This rain will form along a cold front, which will provide us and many others with a big dip in the temperatures on Thanksgiving Day.

If you want a warm Thanksgiving, you will want to head down to Florida or the Carolina's, as temperatures in these areas will be running well above normal for this time of year.

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