Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Drought Worsens, Spreads Over Most of East Texas

After several months of avoiding the drought, the time has finally come. Most of East Texas has now been placed under a Stage 1 Moderate Drought.

The shading of maroon on the image to your left shows just how far the moderate drought has expanded to the south and west. Excluding Anderson county, the rest of our KTRE viewing area is under a drought.
If you look real closely, extreme eastern Newton county is in a Stage 2 Severe Drought. It gets even worse in Louisiana as many residents east of the Sabine River are in a Stage 3 Extreme Drought.
Keep in mind that the worst possible drought is a Stage 4 Exceptional Drought.
Even though we are just in a Stage 1 Moderate Drought, it is still a cause for concern as very little rain has fallen over the past few months.
With a drought now in place for many of us, don't be surprised to see damage to crops and pastures. Reservoirs and wells will remain extremely low, and water restrictions could be imposed if things don't improve soon.