Monday, October 4, 2010

Dry Conditions and Lack of Rainfall Create Fire Danger

It is really hard to find fault with anything that has to do with our weather. After all, it has been nothing short of spectacular as clear skies and low humidity have made for very pleasant conditions.

However, with the beautiful weather comes no rain. The lack of rainfall is becoming problematic as ground soils and vegetation are starting to dry out significantly.
We now have burn bans in place for five of our local counties in the Piney Woods of East Texas.
Earlier today, Jasper and Newton county were added to the burn ban list. San Augustine county had their burn ban removed.
It should be noted that even if your county is not under a burn ban, it would not be wise to burn as the low humidity and dry conditions could cause a small brush fire to get out of control.
We are now running a rainfall deficit closing in on 9 inches for the year.
Unfortunately, there is no sign of a significant change to our weather pattern over the next week or so. That means you will want to continue watering your lawn and plants as Mother Nature will provide no relief.