Monday, October 25, 2010

Avoiding the Severe Weather

It was a stormy weekend across East Texas, just not in our neck of the woods. A severe weather outbreak erupted on both Saturday and Sunday across North and Northeast Texas, producing a couple of tornadoes, along with large hail, and damaging winds.

This graphic shows every severe weather report that occured with the severe thunderstorms on Sunday.

Thankfully for us, we dodged a bullet, with all of the strong thunderstorms staying some 50-100 miles off to our north.

We did not see any storms here in Deep East Texas because we had a cap, or stable layer of air just about 5,000 feet above the surface. This cap is a layer of warm air aloft that prevents thunderstorms from developing.

To our north, that was not the case, as they had no cap and a very unstable atmosphere.

While we missed out on the rain, at least we missed out on the high winds and large hail.