Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tropical Trouble?

After a quiet couple of weeks in the tropics, things might be showing signs of heating up once again.

The latest tropical wave we are monitoring is producing heavy rain and gusty winds over Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico.

This flare up of showers and storms, as seen on the satellite image, is a sign that this wave is beginning to get better organized.

Even though it is not yet a named storm, that may change in the next couple of days as environmental conditions are favorable for development.

Hurricane Reconnaissance is scheduled to investigate this system on Wednesday. If they find a low level circulation at the surface, it could become a tropical depression by as early as tomorrow afternoon.

The one thing that may hamper this system is the fact it will be interacting with all the islands in the Greater Antilles. That could keep the storm disorganized, and ultimately, keep it from strengthening.

Make sure you keep it tuned to KTRE-TV and ktre.com. If this tropical wave strengthens into a tropical storm or hurricane, it will be given the name Bonnie.