Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hottest Stretch of Weather Headed our Way

With plenty of tropical moisture and slightly above normal rainfall for the months of June and July, temperatures were not as hot as they could have been.

We will finally get a taste of what real summers feel like in East Texas by this weekend as a big dome of high pressure settles in over the Southern Plain states.

Underneath these areas of high pressure, you get a lot of sinking air. When you compress air, it heats up.

It's often like airing up a bicycle tire. After you compress the air in your tire and take out the pump, the tire feels hot. The same process is what happens when areas of high pressure set up overhead in the summer time.

While the heat will be present, the rain showers will be virtually non-existent. That sinking air will limit the cloud development and keep the showers from forming during the afternoon hours.

We will see upper 90's on Friday, followed by triple digit heat by the time we head towards Sunday and Monday of next week.