Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tropical Wave Shows Little Sign of Developing

Over the weekend, a tropical wave emerged in the South Central Atlantic, about 2000 miles east of the Lesser Antilles.

This wave has fluctuated from day to day, showing signs of strengthening at one point, only to weaken as the cloud tops warm and the thunderstorms dissipate.

At this point, this tropical wave has a very low chance of developing into a tropical storm, much less a depression.

The main component that will keep this system from gaining strength is the strong wind shear it is encountering.

Those strong upper level winds tear apart storms, and keep them from organizing into a tightly compacted system.

While development is unlikely at this point, we will continue to monitor this wave as well as any other feature in the tropics that could develop.

Make sure you tune in each weeknight to get the latest updates on any activity that may be going on in the tropics.

Of course you can track any storm at anytime this hurricane season by visiting our Hurricane Center.