Monday, June 7, 2010

Record Warmth in the Month of May

If you thought it was unusually hot for May, you would be right. In fact, after crunching the numbers and averaging out the temperatures, this past May was the second warmest May of all time. The average temperature (combining overnight lows and afternoon highs) was 78.3°.

Here is a list of the top 3 warmest Mays on record.

1. May 1996 Avg. Temp. 79.9°

2. May 2010 Avg. Temp. 78.3°

3. May 1998 Avg. Temp. 77.4°

The combination of slim rainfall and dry ground soils allowed temperatures to be much warmer than what we are accustomed to seeing for the month of May.

In addition to the warmth, it was also on of the driest we have seen in quite some time.

In fact, this spring has been the sixth driest spring of all time.

The lack of rainfall and warmer than normal temperatures has put most of East Texas in a "moderate drought" for the time being.

Thankfully June has gotten off to a wetter start. Let's hope it stays that way.