Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Turning Unsettled, Stormy by Week's End

After seeing severe weather roll through East Texas last weekend, it has been nice to see some sunny and pleasant spring conditions this week.

However, all that is about to change as another spring storm will churn its way through the nations heartland by the end of the week.

Since we are entering the peak of severe weather season, it looks like we could be in store for another round of active storms by Friday afternoon as our next storm system and cold front work into the Texas Forest Country.

The graphic on your left shows the areas most at risk for seeing some severe storms on Friday. The shading of green, which stretches from the eastern half of Texas to Louisiana and Arkansas, is where the best chance for severe weather to occur. The main threats Friday afternoon and Friday evening will be large hail, damaging winds (60 mph or greater), and even a few isolated tornadoes. With strong jet stream dynamics, there will be plenty of wind shear (changing of the wind speed and direction with height) in place to produce a few isolated tornadoes like we saw last week.

The one big difference between this incoming system versus the one we saw last week is forward speed.
The upper level winds and deep trough will not move much from Friday through Tuesday of next week.
As a result, we will have the chance for storms not just on Friday, but through the weekend and into early next week. This means there will be multiple chances for you to get wet during this five day period.
The good news is that this is the type of system that could give us some good, soaking rain showers to help put a dent in our 5 inch rainfall deficit.
The problem, however, could be the mutliple rounds of severe weather, due to all the moisture and dynamics in place.
So we will cross our fingers that your house gets some much needed rain, without receiving the hail and high winds.