Thursday, March 1, 2012

Current Weather Pattern Reveals Spring

The talk in and around town has been about the warmer than normal conditions and the winter that has gone mild in East Texas. Even I have to look at a calendar on occassion just to make sure that today is March 1st and not May 1st.

With the warm weather that has been locked in place for much of the country, that spells trouble when storm systems pull out of the Rockies and into the Plain states.

This past Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, we saw a widespread severe weather outbreak take shape across mid-America. The graphic to your left shows all the severe weather reports, whichi include tornadoes, large hail, and damaging winds.

With the main storm track off to our north, we only saw a few showers here in the Piney Woods.

Another Storm on its Heels

Even though we have a lull in the storm pattern right now, it won't last long. Another storm, currently in the Rockies, will pull eastward tomorrow, providing another round of severe weather to the Ohio and Tennessee River Valleys.
This weather pattern we are currently in is very indicative of what we would see in late March and April, which is our main severe weather season.

Due to the fact most areas, including us at home, are so warm, that only means more fuel and stronger storms when these systems push across the country.

What We Can Expect

We will feel a glancing blow from our next storm tomorrow. A cold front will arrive on our doorstep Friday afternoon and Friday evening. Along the front, there will be a broken line of thunderstorms that develop. A few storms could be strong, but no widespread severe weather is expected at this time.

Once this front moves through, we will clear out and cool off just in time for the weekend. The clearing skies will also come with some lower humidity and much more pleasant conditions.

Round 2 For our Neighbors up North

Unfortunately for our friends and family to our north and east, it appears they will be under the gun once again for severe storms on Friday. Not only could they see large hail and damaging winds, but scattered tornadoes will be possible as well.