Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Cold Front Means Relief For East Texans

After enduring 4 consecutive days of record breaking heat and several wildfires flaring up each afternoon, it seems that Mother Nature will finally give in and provide East Texans with a much deserved break.

Our relief will be in the form of a cold front that is currently moving through East Texas as we speak.

While we won't necessarily receive a ton of rain, there will still be isolated showers that develop over the Pineywoods over the next couple of days. We will also see some added cloud cover, that when combined with the cooler air moving in, will keep temperatures in the middle to upper 80's.

Our wind forecast shows where the front will be positioned on Friday morning. Notice the wind direction is from the east and northeast. That northeasterly component is what will bring in the cooler temperatures and push all the warm air further south.

Even though we will see a drop in the temperatures here in Deep East Texas, it won't be as sharp of a drop as what they are expecting in the Panhandle of Texas and in Oklahoma.

The map to your right shows the forecasted highs for later today. Notice that Amarillo is only looking for a high of 58° and Oklahoma City will only make 62°. It will still remain hot for South Central Texas due to the fact that the front will not make it to their area until later tonight.