Thursday, August 11, 2011

Signs That Fall Is Near

It seems like we are beating a dead horse, but the heat has been a big topic so far this summer, due in large part to record highs and the number of triple digit days. While it seems like there may be no end in sight, there are some positives to point out as we head through the rest of August.

It should be noted that we are just a little over a month away from the start of fall. Each day is getting a little shorter in length (sunrise occuring later, sunset earlier) and the sun angle gets a tad lower in the sky as well.

Another sign that fall is just around the corner is when we start talking about "cold fronts." Yes, I did say cold front.

We have had a cold front trigger storms the past few days in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and North Texas.

Our Futurecast computer model shows another cold front that is slated to move into East Texas over the weekend. While there is still some discrepancies on how far south the front will advance, we could see some slight rain chances return to the forecast due to its presence alone.

I should caution you that this front will not bring us any relief from the heat. However, it could increase the clouds and give way to a few showers and storms to help out a few of us by the time we head towards Sunday and Monday of next week.