Thursday, May 26, 2011

Slight Improvement in the Ongoing Drought

After receiving an average of 1-3" of rain from two storm systems in as many weeks, the vegetation and plants have perked up just a bit.

In driving around town earlier this week, I could not help but notice the grass looks a little greener and the ground not as crunchy as it did when we started the month.

While we still have a significant drought ongoing, things have improved slightly for most of us, thanks to some soaking showers and thunderstorms the past couple of weeks.

The image left is from a few weeks ago. Notice that pretty much all of Deep East Texas was in an "exceptional" drought. That is a stage four drought and the worst possible stage of drought to be in.

This past Tuesday, the updated drought showed that a good chunk of East Texas has improved from an exceptional drought to an extreme drought. Even though it is only a bump up from a stage four to a stage three, at least that's an improvement.

Unfortunately, it looks like a big dome of high pressure will be building overhead this holiday weekend, meaning the heat and dry weather will be returning to the Pineywoods.