Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Comparing Lake Levels From This Time Last Year

The drought has taken its toll on crops, water usage, and so much more in the past few months. It has also forced the county judges to impose burn bans for ten East Texas counties as of today. The other thing our exceptional drought has done is caused our lake levels to really dry up. Each Wednesday, we show you the current lake level and its departure from its normal level. Instead of just giving you the current level, I decided to go back and do some research. I wanted to compare the lake level departures we are experiencing now from what they were a year ago at this same time.

As you can see, there is a big discrepancy from what the levels were in 2010 versus where we are today. The only lake that has not changed much is Lake Livingston. The other three major lakes (Toledo Bend, Sam Rayburn, and Nacogdoches) have changed significantly and for the worst.

Due to the low levels, please use caution if you plan on taking any small craft or boats out on any area lakes over the next couple of months. You will probably see more stumps and vegetation more so now than ever before.