Thursday, March 10, 2011

Don't Start Your Spring Planting Just Yet

I have heard from several of you that said you were going to start buying flowers and start your spring planting. My response: "Not so fast."

Even though we have had a two to three week stretch of unseasonably warm weather as of late, let us not forget that we are in the month of March. Our average low this time of year is around 45°. With cold fronts coming in every four to five days, we can still see a light freeze this time of year.

The front that blew through on Tuesday night allowed our temperatures to fall into the lower and middle 30's this morning.

While many of us stayed above freezing this morning, the A.L. Mangham Jr. Regional Airport southwest of Nacogdoches did show a morning low of 30°.

With clear skies, dry air, and light winds in place tonight, we will see another chilly night, with lows falling into the lower to middle 30's once again.

It should be noted that even if your community stays above freezing, tonight's chill could harm or kill the newly planted vegetation, especially if you have plants or flowers sensitive to the cold conditions.

Keep in mind that our average last freeze of the winter/spring season is around mid-March. So while we may be done with the Arctic blasts, the light freezes may still hang around for a few more weeks.