Monday, September 6, 2010

Hermine Means Beneficial Rainfall for East Texas

After a sunny and beautiful weekend, the moisture and rain has surged back into East Texas, all ahead of Tropical Storm Hermine.

Hermine formed early this morning and is situated about 125 miles to the southeast of Brownsville, Texas.

There is a small chance Hermine could briefly strengthen into a category one hurricane before landfall, but due to its close proximity to land, it is not likely.

Tropical Storm Hermine is expected to make landfall later this evening in northern Mexico or extreme South Texas. She will then slow down and track to the northwest, moving through South Texas tomorrow and Central Texas on Wednesday.

It is in and near the circulation where flooding rains (4-8") could fall between now and Thursday.
Our effects from Hermine will be simple: rain showers, some of which will be heavy in the next couple of days.

While we don't anticipate the flooding rains that our friends and neighbors will see in Central and South Texas, we will still benefit from the system as waves of rain move through the Piney Woods.

Our in house computer model suggests that between now and Wednesday evening, many areas could pick up around 1-2" of rain, with some spots seeing as much as 3".

The bottom line is that Hermine is the perfect system for us to help in the rainfall department. Entering today, we were close to 6" behind in rainfall for the year.

These are the tropical systems which can put a big dent, if not erase, the deficit and put plenty of moisture back in the soils.