Friday, May 14, 2010

A Wet Weekend...What the Dr. Ordered

A slow moving cold front will combine with upper level disturbances and plenty of moisture to generate pockets of heavy rain this weekend.

Our futurecast computer model suggests that Saturday morning could be quite wet in the Texas Forest Country. Due to the front slowing down and stalling out on top of us, we will have the chance to see several rounds of rain.

The chances for getting wet will not just last for one day. We will still have rain in the forecast for Sunday and lingering into early next week.

Due to the slow movement of the storms this weekend, some areas will receive very heavy rain in just a short period of time.

Most areas in Deep East Texas should receive between 1-2" by the time Sunday night rolls around. And while the heaviest rainfall amounts will stay off to our north and west, I cannot rule out some isolated areas getting 3-4" where the heavier cells develop.

The timing of the rain may be a nuisance, considering it will be falling on the weekend. However, it will not be a complete washout. Also, keep in mind that with May being near 70% behind in rainfall, we could certainly use a soaking downpour this weekend. I'm sure your plants and lawns would like a nice drink of water, courtesy of Mother Nature.