Saturday, October 4, 2008

Signs of Change on the Way

After enjoying several weeks of cool, dry weather, things are starting to change as our weather pattern takes a significant shift.

Notice the clouds and rain off to our west. This is in response to a developing and intensifying storm system that will head eastward in the coming days, bringing with it some showers and storms by early next week.

We have not received any rainfall since Hurricane Ike over three weeks ago. However, that will change as our humidity starts to increase and a south wind feeds into our storm system. This image to your left is our in-house Futurecast computer model. It shows a Pacific cold front making its way into north central Texas and Oklahoma by Monday evening. Notice the darker shadings of orange and red in southeast Oklahoma. That's indicative of showers and thunderstorms developing along the leading edge of the front. As that front advances eastward, it will give us a good chance of rain on Tuesday of next week.
Some of the rain that falls will be heavy in spots. Now is a reminder that if you have had roof damage from Ike, you will want to put blue tarp or something over your roof to protect it from the rain.
Keep in mind that we could use the rain since it has been rather dry as of late. So it looks as if our string of cool nights and sunny days will becoming to an end rather quick.