Friday, August 8, 2008

Back from Vacation

I leave East Texas for one week and a tropical storm hits the Texas coast! The wife and I took a family vacation to Port Aransas, Texas this week. It was an awesome trip and the weather for us was not that bad. On Monday, we went bay fishing, where 40 people go out on a boat and fish close to the bays. We did this two years ago and caught nothing. This year, we caught lots. The second picture shows you the catch of the boat. Most of the fish caught were Bonnet Head sharks! They are related to the Hammerhead but are much smaller. The one I caught was about 39 inches long and it put up a fight! At the end of the trip, we fileted the meat and had one large fish fry. If you are looking for a close to home vacation, going to Port Aransas could be a good option.